December 24, 2012


Dortelweil station, Germany

Wohoo! I finally posted a blog! The urge to blog had been on the tip of my fingers for months in several doubts. I was ashamed of the idea of blogging howsoever. I felt not pretty enough to be a fashion blogger or just not fashionable enough to post one. Afraid my pics won’t be worth the wait. And ultimately I was anxious (and still am) that my blog would be so lame that people won’t bother scroll to the end of the post! *keep typing and I gradually lost my confidence*

Well oh well, later I realized that I don’t owe anything to the readers! Bunch of people will find my blog is super lame in any way. I’ll just go along, keep writing, and hope few others will be (at least) fine with it. *crossing fingers*

I used to have moments I enjoyed most and hoped I could share those moments better than chitting-chatting here and there from time to time and shorten the story every single repetition. Soon I forgot several details and regretted not to tell those later when the telling moments were lost. So basically I want to share some euphoria of moments, thoughts, styles and others here. Yes, here!

I actually had designed a story with great pictures for my first blog but yet it just meant to be just a plan. *sigh* well no problemo then! The beginning might not be like what I wanted but the blogging is the core meaning, right? Right? Sooo, wait for my following posts, will you? *hugs and kisses*


  1. Yeay, finally you bring your tought to life. Congratz. every journey begins with the first step so, you are one step closser to your goal.
    I hope many people will enjoy this fashionable toughts of yours.


  2. I think u start your blog with the right attitude. Blogging has become such a phenomenon that most people wants to blog for others and a stepping stone to fame. Blogging is supposed to be fun and stress-free, so yes, blog for yourself and try to insert some contents that others might like to see. That's just a little tips! :p have a fun blogging time! :)


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