December 23, 2013

It's Coming!

Christmas is just around the corner! I can't help but getting inspired by the festive and joyful atmosphere. I don't set up a Christmas tree in my house so I'm not sure how it should come in color. I bet it's something red, yellow and of course green; uhm, they are around the top of my spectrum list anyway. Me in the coat is pretty much like a living Christmas tree, why do I need another in my house? lol

December 14, 2013

Sweet Memories

Moving on has never been this hard for me. It’s like every single thing, old or not so old stuffs, related to that one beloved guy. Even looking at my legs exasperatingly reminds me of him! How crazy is this?! I used to be a forgetful person and this former love story creates such strong stimuli for my brain to work in unbelievably prima condition. (Where were you when I was in a relationship with textbook, brainie?!)

December 2, 2013


I’m not so sure about my future; well, who is? I was afraid making a single decision, terrified could I choose the wrong one. There was me for months: confused and wandered in endless circle of perplexity. It yielded nothing but a waste of time.

September 15, 2013

Girls & Peace

I haven’t updated my blog for ages! Geez, my bad! It had been three months since I wrote anything while so much happened during the long hiatus. Well my life was turning literally upside down and I’ve been struggling ever since. But let’s skip the long story-telling. I just want to hop to the whole fun part!

Yesterday I went to SNSD’s first solo tour to Indonesia "2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace", oh yes! It was kinda awesome I can tell. They are really pretty! And skinny! Somehow I just noticed how skinny they actually are. I knew they have lesser fat than normal human do, but I had no idea that they would be that skinny.

June 16, 2013

Passing by...

I realized that time flies excruciatingly fast. I remember those high school moments when I think time crawls real slow and I wanted to grow up like… immediately. All I wanted to was fast-forwarding my life to what I defined happily ever after those days.

April 19, 2013

Mens Rea

It has been just over two months since I joined the company. I remember the ecstatic feeling when I first offered the job. The function was challenging, the salary was luring and the career path was promising. But I forgot one thing: the pressure.

No, the pressure does not come from freaking seniority nor does from endless working hour. The weight overcomes me every time I peek over my bank account and wonder if they overpay me. The remorse crawls under my feet every time I see the frown on my mentor’s forehead, articulate a disappointment.

Pica Pica!

I have never made any clothing review before as I don’t count myself as a fashion blogger. I think I am more moralist rather than fashionist. It’s far too late to make a review either as the reviewed product is no longer available on the web store. *it was sold out in no time!* Ah, screw my too-much-hesitations manner! This beauty truly deserves some compliments! 

I have already had some pants from Cotton Ink and I love most of them. Howsoever, pica short appears exceptional for me. I had been eyeing this short long before it was sold in the web. I fell in love with the appearance and the genuine fabric –it’s 100% silk tenun! Its traditional fabric makes pica short authentic –along with some of the Global Sailor collection.

April 7, 2013


It has been 6 months since I was on that enormous tribune to carry that freaking degree on my back within the burden of probability. As I saw pictures of my folks smiling at the same tribune, I finally realized how heavy the prestige wrapped on that gold embossed blue map.

February 9, 2013

A Good Bye

An end isn't always bad. It might be not bad at all.
That’s why people call it goodbye. They know something good will follow eventually.

I have been through several byes these past few months. Some of those byes were rough enough to sulk me into deep condolences. And yes, I was overwhelmed with those passed moments as they poked my ached back and have me caught in pain, regrets and moans. But the world just didn’t give me a break to sorrow. It forced me facing another bye. *sigh*

January 29, 2013

Walking in My Shoes

Have you ever gone shopping with your friend or sister and ended up in front of the mirror asking them about the shoes in your feet? Everyone said “yes” “great shoes” “pretty” “you should buy them!” “they are made for you” and any other words your credit card regretted to swipe. At the end of the appraising session, you hesitated buying that beautiful pair within a great consideration. You brought the hesitation home, thinking about it days and nights until you found yourself back to that same shop, trying it over again. But still you didn’t buy it.

January 19, 2013

Something to Share

A few days ago I saw my nephew cried over a bag of candies. He thought I ate his candies and he cried like “Ewh I hope my child would not be like that”. Well when I was thinking about my nephew’s greedy behavior I realized how I used to be like that.

During my childhood, I usually hid away my most precious sweets so I could have them by myself. It was annoying how my sister and brothers could take some of them and make my portion even less. And it was unacceptably irritating when they ate my sweets when I was away.