January 29, 2013

Walking in My Shoes

Have you ever gone shopping with your friend or sister and ended up in front of the mirror asking them about the shoes in your feet? Everyone said “yes” “great shoes” “pretty” “you should buy them!” “they are made for you” and any other words your credit card regretted to swipe. At the end of the appraising session, you hesitated buying that beautiful pair within a great consideration. You brought the hesitation home, thinking about it days and nights until you found yourself back to that same shop, trying it over again. But still you didn’t buy it.

January 19, 2013

Something to Share

A few days ago I saw my nephew cried over a bag of candies. He thought I ate his candies and he cried like “Ewh I hope my child would not be like that”. Well when I was thinking about my nephew’s greedy behavior I realized how I used to be like that.

During my childhood, I usually hid away my most precious sweets so I could have them by myself. It was annoying how my sister and brothers could take some of them and make my portion even less. And it was unacceptably irritating when they ate my sweets when I was away.