January 19, 2013

Something to Share

A few days ago I saw my nephew cried over a bag of candies. He thought I ate his candies and he cried like “Ewh I hope my child would not be like that”. Well when I was thinking about my nephew’s greedy behavior I realized how I used to be like that.

During my childhood, I usually hid away my most precious sweets so I could have them by myself. It was annoying how my sister and brothers could take some of them and make my portion even less. And it was unacceptably irritating when they ate my sweets when I was away.

Somehow, my hidden sweets tasted less scrumptious than they had used to be or never could I finish all of them after all.

Years later I realized that my candies and chocolates tasted better when I shared them. Have them lesser than I could have but tasted better because I cherished every bite more. And the graceful expressions of those we share; make my sweets even sweeter.

Just like my sweets, I realized that best moments are those I could share with: thoughts, stories, laughter, jokes, memoirs, even resents and angers. Those moments became wonderful when I share them with people. It takes less “me-time” but I appreciate time even more.

If you don’t enjoy your life, guys, maybe you are just too greedy with yourself. Try to share with others. Share a little time to listen, another spare time to give a hand, maybe a small amount of money, or... maybe you can share your precious hidden sweets under your bed.

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