January 29, 2013

Walking in My Shoes

Have you ever gone shopping with your friend or sister and ended up in front of the mirror asking them about the shoes in your feet? Everyone said “yes” “great shoes” “pretty” “you should buy them!” “they are made for you” and any other words your credit card regretted to swipe. At the end of the appraising session, you hesitated buying that beautiful pair within a great consideration. You brought the hesitation home, thinking about it days and nights until you found yourself back to that same shop, trying it over again. But still you didn’t buy it.

There was something strange with that pair of shoes. You loved the color, the shape, the material, the brand, the shop’s lighting, or even the shopkeeper. You loved the shoes. But when you tried them, something was indescribably wrong. You didn’t know what it was. So you didn’t buy it.

I have faced that kind of situation A LOT. I saw a great pair in someone’s feet thus I told myself I wanted to keep one. I bounced from one shop to another searching for the exact shoes but once I found them, the scenario above came around.

Later, I ended with a conclusion: “I love that pair of shoes. But I don’t like them in my feet”.

For me, shoes are something more than just footwear in our feet. They are personally chosen and fitted on specific size that fulfilled our personal criteria. Some people may have a broad range of shoe types. Some might stick with same similar style. Some might wear leather. Some might choose rubber. But every single pair we love, they are subjectively selected and personally adjusted to ourselves.

You can, of course, adore someone else’s shoes like I tend to. Thinking you will look good in that exact pair. On the other hand, some people might tell that you don’t look good in your own shoes. They say it is too high, too big, or maybe not matched with your personality. Some people even try to change your shoes with another they think will be more proper on you. If you don’t know what kind of shoes matched you the most, you will be confused.

For years, I have hopped from one pair of shoes to another, hoping I could fit in one of them. None actually did. I have tried my mom's, my sister's, my friends' and even somebody else's I barely even knew in real. Some were too tight like my mom's or too big like my dad's, not comfortable like my sister's and some were just not lovely in my feet. Later I realized that I should never fit my feet into others shoes. They might look good in others; not in mine howsoever.

Our perceptions, insights, dreams or attitudes, they are a lot like the shoes we wear. We choose them with our personal visions, fit them with our particular belief, and matched them with our distinctive values. People could see them attached to us, compare to their own, and throw some disagreements on ours. Some might spew profanities and some even put much effort to fix ours.

If some of you guys has been accused on your own shoes, it's wise to stand in front of a mirror and observe your reflection to its smallest details. You need to remember your measurements you once used to pick your shoes. If your shoes fit no good on you or they hurt your feet, maybe you need more time to pick a better pair; the ones that make you walk in comfort and confidence. Don’t hesitate to change your shoes if you need to. But if they are the best shoes you could ever wear, don’t wait to kick those envious people on their ass. *lol* I actually mean don’t stop walking on your awesome shoes. :)

| Outfit: Shopatvelvet top; Mango trousers; TRF pumps |
p.s.: this note was inspired by the proverb "Don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes"


  1. Hi beautiful girl, why don't u just be a model? ;)

  2. well I dream to model a wedding gown actually. ;)

  3. dengan postur loe kayanya cocok bgt gin jadi model wedding gown:)


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