February 9, 2013

A Good Bye

An end isn't always bad. It might be not bad at all.
That’s why people call it goodbye. They know something good will follow eventually.

I have been through several byes these past few months. Some of those byes were rough enough to sulk me into deep condolences. And yes, I was overwhelmed with those passed moments as they poked my ached back and have me caught in pain, regrets and moans. But the world just didn’t give me a break to sorrow. It forced me facing another bye. *sigh*

A couple of days ago I waved my comfort zone a long bye as I left the urban city to a less comfortable area. I left my amenity behind within the clothes and shoes and make-ups; then and there I started to wonder what kind of post I should write after this one. But I'm pretty sure I will find a way anyhow anyway. :)

I got to say I am not petrified of byes. "Let one fish slip from your hand to catch a bigger one”, don't we? I believe our ability to let go something clingy to us is meant to enlarge our ability to obtain new things, to experience larger contentment, or simply to be better as a person.

I just know something good will show out of nowhere sooner or later. And it always does! So I’m preparing the gratitude to be served on the table as the goods will show up in any time now! :D

| Outfit: Gowigasa outer; Zara tank; Cotton Ink trousers; Mango leather belt; Rotelli wedges |

p.s.: I hope you will have wonderful byes as well. God bless. :)


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