April 7, 2013


It has been 6 months since I was on that enormous tribune to carry that freaking degree on my back within the burden of probability. As I saw pictures of my folks smiling at the same tribune, I finally realized how heavy the prestige wrapped on that gold embossed blue map.

Graduation means farther than being pretty and handsome for a day. So much more than the proud smiles on the parents' faces. It’s a lot freaky and daunting as we must leave the irresponsibility behind and start putting the brick of resilience to build “the rest of our life”. The university only gave us the shield but it is us who fight the war. We are the warrior of our own life after all.

Like it or not, every step we take outside the university is counted: every decision we make, every word we say, every hilarious phrase we throw –or the not so funny one, everything is followed by consequences we must seize.

I don’t mean to kill the euphoria, anyway. *so sorry if I actually did* ;p

Congratulation guys! Proudly raise your blue map! It is what you had been fighting for the last numerous years! Welcome to the beginning of “the rest of your life”. *cheers*


  1. aaaa...i really want to graduate soon
    hahaha it's a nice post :)
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