April 19, 2013

Pica Pica!

I have never made any clothing review before as I don’t count myself as a fashion blogger. I think I am more moralist rather than fashionist. It’s far too late to make a review either as the reviewed product is no longer available on the web store. *it was sold out in no time!* Ah, screw my too-much-hesitations manner! This beauty truly deserves some compliments! 

I have already had some pants from Cotton Ink and I love most of them. Howsoever, pica short appears exceptional for me. I had been eyeing this short long before it was sold in the web. I fell in love with the appearance and the genuine fabric –it’s 100% silk tenun! Its traditional fabric makes pica short authentic –along with some of the Global Sailor collection.

Unlike the rest of Cotton Ink pants I have, this pica short has no elastic band in the waistline –which makes this short much way better. The way it hugs my waist is really flattering. I found that without elastic band, this beauty hides my fat tummy away and makes my abs (look) flat! In an exaggerating way, it’s like this short was tailored for me! 

Regardless how much I love this short, I’m quite bothered with the fabric; it isn’t lined and it wrinkles easily. Before the photo session began, I had ironed the short, sit to tie up my boots, and voila! it was wrinkled already! Furthermore, the side pockets might be too big as they keep peeking out under the short. If you see the picture carefully, you can see the inner pocket shown a little from time to time. 

| Shopatvelvet top; Cotton Ink Pica short |
Yet, this short still is my current favorite bottom. I know not everyone experiences the same wonderful impression with this beauty –I’m lucky to have exact 27 inches waist! But I wish Cotton Ink will make more such a band-less pants. Of course in more sizing variants!

p.s. I featured this look here. ;)

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