June 16, 2013

Passing by...

I realized that time flies excruciatingly fast. I remember those high school moments when I think time crawls real slow and I wanted to grow up like… immediately. All I wanted to was fast-forwarding my life to what I defined happily ever after those days.

Now everything seems so different. I finally see that that silly happily ever after thoughts were ridiculously unrealistic. *Pfft, naïve teenager me* Well twenty-something period tells me a whole different story. I have nothing to skip for now so all I want to do is just keep every small piece of happiness I found.

But well… time is just as cruel as it usually be. It rushes in hurry and just won’t slow down even a sec. I bet I have no other option than getting used to the rush...

Modcloth dress; Klastik mary jane |

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