December 23, 2013

It's Coming!

Christmas is just around the corner! I can't help but getting inspired by the festive and joyful atmosphere. I don't set up a Christmas tree in my house so I'm not sure how it should come in color. I bet it's something red, yellow and of course green; uhm, they are around the top of my spectrum list anyway. Me in the coat is pretty much like a living Christmas tree, why do I need another in my house? lol

Well I'm so happy to have this festive coat with me! It's unique, local made and hand-crafted; everything I look in a cloth! And oh, the details is mesmerizing! It comes in thorough crosswise pin-tuck accent, create a bulging diamond-shape texture on the top sphere. The bottom part is an ethnic tenun combination. Oh! So much for a handcraft madness!

I'm pretty doubtful it fits in the 'coat' cluster though; it's not thick enough to keep me warm during the winter, neither do fight the windy autumn. Is this specially made for the tropical season or what? You know, as an accessory to keep in line with the winter fashion trend (?). This one gives you that wintery touch without sweating out the warm tropical weather. ;)

I found this prestigious coat in Solo, by the way. Too bad it was a temporal booth and it doesn't have online store or even instagram account. :( I am more than happy if you have any recommendation to find similar stuffs! Let me know, will you? :)

| shopatvelvet blouse; unbranded skirt; Charles & Keith wedges; MNO.logie perspex clutch |


  1. Pretty coat, Gin! =D

  2. Hey I love your coat! :D
    Nice color and perfect match with your dress <3

  3. i lovee your outfit ! :)))


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