January 4, 2014

Ho Chi Minh City!

Moments ago I was wandering around Hi Chi Minh City (Vietnam) for four days. Formerly, I did not have any idea about this country other than the Vietnam War with its infamous Agent Orange I learnt on the toxicology class ages ago. So I was quite surprised.

The city (specifically Ho Chi Minh) was colorful during that time. I was amazed by the hanging flower ornaments along the street. It was lovely, bright and cheerful! It made me want to jump along the walk with a little twirl in every few steps. But It wasn't stop right there! These flowers were glowing at night for goodness sake! Hail o'festive season!

Above all, what pulled my attention most during the trip was the handicraft! You can find tons of handicraft goodness in Bến Thành Market in affordable price. You might get even lower price if you excel bargaining. Vietnamese shop keepers are pretty tough! I met a pushy lady who was weird enough to offer me 800,000 Dong (40 USD) for a wooden treasure box and reduced the price to 500,000 Dong (25 USD) once I said I didn't want the box -I ended up paying 350,000 Dong (17.5 USD). You absolutely need to be cautious with overcharged and rip-off; they are pretty vicious towards tourists (especially when you're not good at bargaining!).

Bowls of handicrafts
Colors! Colors! Colors!
Hail O' Craftsmanship!

I am head over heels for the patterns madness! Yes, Vietnam is also famous for their silk. Some of the silk has painstaking embroidery (and sequins). How insane! Got to have any of these patterns on my dress one day.

The Vĩnh Tràng temple with its dragon grafts. Another pattern craze!
Mekong: The oarswoman in her vibrant Áo bà ba (traditional Vietnamese blouse)
War Remnants Museum: Boys being boys.
After all (in my opinion) Ho Chi Minh is outstanding for its handicrafts and *uhm* cheap fake bags and clothes. If you are not interested on both stuffs, you might be delighted by how cheap the beers there. Or the food -if you are into the Vietnamese taste (unfortunately I'm not). Otherwise, you will not be anywhere contented if you are looking for malls or exquisite shopping venues (with authentic brands).


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