February 23, 2014

Indonesia Fashion Week 2014

Did you guys come to Indonesia Fashion Week this 20-23 February (2014)? How was it?

Apparently I came to IFW 2014 yesterday and I am so glad I could make my way to Jakarta Convention Center. It kind of reminds me why I looooove Indonesia so much. This event definitely highlights how this country is overflowed with such rich culture and creativity. I am so proud to be born and raised as Indonesian!

Indeed, IFW is like a pool of inspirations. I was bemused by magnificent works every time I moved my feet from one side to another. The Exhibition hall was fulfilled by numerous infamous designers such as Anne Avantie, Sebastian Gunawan (Votum), Deden Siswanto, Musa Widyatmodjo, and too much more! The fun part was some of these top designers offered us their ready-to-wear collection with special price. I also noticed (by means: visited, then shopped) other innumerable well-known and new designers. I could not help myself but wrapping some of the beauties home!

Well I wish you also have the fantastic opportunity like mine. Because words are definitely not enough to tell you how wonderful was my time there. If you have not had the chance, I hope you guys will not miss next year's IFW event! It is really worth the price (I got the invitation for free but in case you did not have one, visitors only asked to pay 20,000 IDR to visit the exhibition!) and worth the one-hour-jam-to-find-a-parking-lot.

Well well.. since words could not express my overwhelmed wonder, here I show you a few pictures I took during my short visit there.

February 15, 2014

Someone Better

Meeting new attractive people is always fun. Getting to know a supple stranger and fall for the euphoria of something we have not experienced before. Instantaneously charmed by the adventurous ideas, captivated by that euphonious laugh, mesmerized by his gentle gesture, oh surely we found the love of our life. Sure. Until that confidence ruined by how annoyed we were by his monotonous habit, ridiculous temper, ubiquitous possessiveness, and other numerous flaws. When we bring this revelation to the table of our beloved friends, here come the mighty words, “Forget him. You deserve someone better.”