March 27, 2014

Life Lesson

People can leave you.

Your job can leave you.

Just make sure your creativity stays.

I'm absolutely living a beautiful stage of life when I have nothing but sparks of creativity and a huge will. Well nothing is way too exaggerating. I do have friends and family that keep me sane all the time. :D

I don't mean to brag anywhere here but I am amazed by how far my will and creativity could bring me to this very moment. People can leave you, hurt you, hate you, spread lies about you, take advantage out of you, deceive you, rob you, fire you; it is still you who determine what you'll become. You can moan and stay depressed all the way or use whatever left in you and be awesome instead. I choose the second option and I know I do great.

Well if you anywhere around your hardest time, I just want you to know that I could pass mine and I believe you can pass yours too. :)

March 16, 2014

Not a Pants Person

Random fact about me:

I'm not a pants person!

It is pretty obvious that I am not a fan of pants. I have numerous skirts *especially after I can sew my own skirts* but only a few pair of pants. And half of them are pajamas and sports-wear. Oh, I just don't like my silhouette in pants! I feel less feminine in it and I don't like that.

Well I DO wear pants in my daily life. Whenever I feel too lazy to dress up, I will pick up my shorts (actually my sister's) and pair it with anything. However it is a rare occasion for me buying pants. This ikat pants is a few of the exceptions. In fact, I really love this one. :)

Well how about you? Are you a pants-person or a skirt-person?

March 7, 2014


Everybody has their own weaknesses and strengths. What differs us is how we react to them. I don't know about you but I had this weakness that is actually my strength. Or let's say my strength that used to be my weakness.

I was so conscious about my height. Well I still am. To all appearances I am taller than general (Asian) girls -somehow the boys too. This actually what ruined my confidence for years. I was uncomfortable being in the middle of the crowd. I used to hunch my shoulder to make myself look shorter and being kind of apathetic towards my environment. It happened for years during my early teens -until I met this young lady when we were on high school.