April 11, 2014

Child in Me

Every child has a dream that all makes sense to them,

regardless how crazy that sounds to the adults.

April 5, 2014

(Previously) Shopaholic

Shopping has become too easy to be done. We don't even need to get off of our bed to do that: with the help of technology of online shopping and mobile and/or internet banking everything is possible. It’s too easy that even more shopaholic emerging here and there. Well I used to be one either. My shopping habit was uncontrollable up to the point I bought too many stuffs I neglected and forgot I ever had such ones.

My shopaholic behavior has dramatically changed ever since I saw my own clothes, I mean skirts. Wearing my own creation makes me become more aware on what I have and what I put on my body. In fact, I appreciate clothes more than I ever did. I could imagine that there is a big story behind every piece of shirt we wear. It's something thoughtfully designed and manufactured. Knowing that makes me appreciate and apparently falls in deep love for indigenous local brands and handcrafted goods. At the same time I loathe those imitations and ungraceful copycat even more.