May 13, 2014


“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” 
~ Albert Einstein

Oh well, another life-changing moment in my life! I have no complaint about this new life though! It has been a short one month since I moved in but I already see the better version of me! I guess I'm quite used to change now.

Change is something contradictory. It is simple yet hard to explain, it is common yet not everyone used to it. I myself have a certain obsession towards order; change used to be my biggest enemy. I could be very upset when someone moved some of my things, ruined up my schedule, skipped one step of the instruction, even I could be pouting all day long when my daily shampoo product changed its scents. My life was really hard back then.

I realize some people really have a hard time dealing with changes, just like I did. And most of them express their frustration with endless complaints. What I also realize is that complaints help nothing but getting the situation even worse. And when the situation gets out of control, what left with them is another bad day. Isn't that piteous to waste our time just because we can't accept some changes?

Well what I did to my used-to-be miserable life was as simple as I accepted change as it is. It's easier said than done, I know. I do still have some difficulties on some parts, but at least I know I'm getting better and better each day. And, indeed, my ability to accept changes makes my life easier and happier than a clam could ever be. :)

p.s.: If you can't see what's changed inside me, here I show you the change of my daily look. Indeed, I look more or less like this every single (working) day. I usually look less than more, actually. My hair is quite nice in these pictures. Some other days my baby hair popping out all over the place it makes my head looks like Kiwi. Ha!

| Shopatvelvet blouse, DIY skirt, Zara handbag, Charles & Keith wedges, Daniel Wellington watch |


  1. Wow, this outfit is so pretty, love this amazing skirt. *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. I just fell in love with the outfit.
    Your style is so beautiful and fits you just perfect.

    And I have to admit how much I love your style of writing, so jealous!

  3. i love how you mix those full pattern top with major bold yellow midi skirt. what a fashion statement.

    kindly check out mine

  4. Can't get over how elegant your outfit looks, dear! This is something that I definitely won't be able to pull of . :3

    Please also check out my blog.
    Have a great day! :)

  5. you look so fabulous!!


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