June 7, 2014

The Eye and The Tooth

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"

We heard this phrase way too much that we live with it. We will be nice to people when they are nice to us. And we will be nasty when they are trying to mess with us. The idea is not bad actually. We treat the way people treat us, don't we?

But what if people expect us to do nice thing and we are looking for the same thing? We just stuck in our wait for others to do so. Then no one does the good thing because everyone is busy waiting for the other party to start ahead. Later everyone thinks this is a sulky world full of apathetic careless people.

All we have to do is be kind and people will be kind to us. If they choose not to, be good anyway! A lovely lady once told me:
"Be nice to me, I'll be ten times nicer to you.
Be nasty with me, I'll be nice to you. Just nice."


  1. It seems like I cannot find the words to describe this amazing skirt. Just perfect, like you and your pictures!

    Lots of love,

  2. you look so pretty !! love the lovely skirt

    Chic Swank

  3. You look adorable <3


  4. So pretty! Btw mind to follow each other? :-)



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