September 5, 2014


It was raining during my short stay in Melbourne. The sun was hidden between the grey clouds. I was between staying longer beneath the warm blanket and called it just another freezing day or gathering my last will to have a stroll enjoying the city. I chose the second option and I left Melbourne with no regret.

By the end of my fight against the chilling weather, I was confounded by how often we are being limited by our circumstances. How many times did we call a day a lazy day because it was not the best weather we had been expecting? And how ridiculous it is every time we entitle a bad hair day because there are some baby hairs popping out from our almost perfect hairdo. Funny is how we are driven by things we cannot drive.

But again, we don't need rocket science to find happiness: it is on the tip of our attitude. We can be dripping wet and happy about it or wearing our best dress yet still frowning in it. It is how we respond determines our day. Change our attitude and the joy we have been looking for is right there all the time! 

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