November 21, 2014


"We fall.
We fall to learn how to pick ourselves up."

I am a coward. I fear pain; both physical and emotion. To that, I avoided any form of dispute -or at least tried to. I forced myself to be as likable as I could. I would fake a smile, a mood or a personality -if I should. "To fit in!" my conscience raised a toast.

But in life we need rejection and the discouraging people behind it. We need those unfair judgement and cynical sarcasms. Fortunately, this world is not lacked of them. It is not hard to find ourselves drenched in words of disappointments. And there are more than enough people willingly dragging our confidence to shame.

"To become stronger!" wise men said.

"To be forgiving!" I say. To expand a space for more patience to seep in. To walk in compassion and hold on to it. To become the better person people longing to see.

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