March 21, 2015


Currently I work in the most placentious industry where pleasing people has become such responsibility on a daily basis. Breathing out of the generous salary makes me as placentious, if not more, as the limited company. That's when I realize how hard it is for people to be grateful, yet alone satisfied.

Terrified by the pleasing pressure every time I don my uniform, I realize I better take a lesson home than haunted in the frustration forever. Day in day out, I face people when they are in such unpleasant situation -while I am there trying to please them out of their inconvenience. Therefore, I could see two kinds of people: the ones casually being thankful for my effort and the ones keep muttering discontentment by the end of the day.

I learn one thing: it is impossible for people to please others who are not even pleased with themselves and with what they already have. How could we possibly amuse the person who can't even be amused by their own jokes? Furthermore, I believe those who are contented with themselves would not be easily bothered by things bigger than the size of their palms.

Now each learning is followed by the excruciating reflection. That moment when you ask the mirror whether you belong to the lovely first of the grumpy second. :)

Paul Smith eye wear, Christina Wu dress, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Leatherology bag |


  1. So cool! Love this look so much!! By the way, mind to follow each other via gfc & insta? :)


  2. I love your outfit! Nice post! :)

  3. I love your outfit! Specially your outter<3


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