June 26, 2015


We are blissfully granted that one sense which gives us the ability to distinguish things through our vision: our sight. It gives us the ease to describe others by their physical appearance. Whether this person is pretty, that person is skinny, the other one is flawless, while the rest we claim unnoticeable.

Nobody has a bad aim, I suppose. What we see is how we describe. As simple as that.

Ever since we recognize people through their physical features, we are aware that the other way around happens to us as well. Consciously we know that people remember our facial feature, our bodily gesture, or perhaps our notable style.

It makes the perfect sense for us to present the best physical appearance for others to acknowledge our presence. That is when we give more attention to affectation: be it from fashion to our facial complexion.

Well, if you claim you don’t, I most certainly do.