November 1, 2015


"You can erase what you've written

but you can't hide the dent left on the paper."

When I was in primary school there was a writing class I disliked the most. We were asked to write a few paragraphs based on pictures and topics given. It was not a difficult task though, as I had loved writing ever since I was very young. We were just not allowed to use neither eraser nor correcting tape.

If we had made a mistake, we had to strike the word and write the right one right after. Only then the teacher could tell what was the mistake and counted how many of them.

I did not like it.

I did not like looking at my white worksheet scratched with ugly streaks and strokes scattered all over the paper. I did not like the mistakes I have made being exposed and numbered. I would rather take a new paper and rewrite the whole thing. And that was how I submitted my paperwork mistake-freely.


Only fifteen years later that I got the lesson. It was not only about writting carefully. And it definitely was not about submitting a perfect scratch-free assignment.

It was a lesson about recognizing mistakes and to accept them. I was taught not to run away from the mistakes I had made but to face them by admitting, correcting them and then moving on.

I was embarrased to make a mistake and I refused to admit one by changing to a new paper. If only I knew that erasing a mistake is not always the answer, yet alone changing the paper. If only I realized that in real life, I do not have the privilege to do so.

I wish I could understand earlier in life, like what my teacher was trying to teach me, that mistakes do exist and it is okay for people to make one or two (or even more). What matter most is how to take responsibility and deal with them.

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  1. True indeed :) move on & let your mistakes shape you to be a better wiser person. Love your thoughts, as always.

  2. Good one! Love the way you enjoy your lesson of life.

  3. nice post!!!
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